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Entertainment and Educational Games on Climate Change Mitigation
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chameleonMr McClay, MP for Rotorua, was very supportive of, "how such difficult concepts were turned into games that kids can easily understand and love" and "how these games are not only home grown, but appeal internationally and are world leading in their use as educational tools".

Todd McClay, MP for Rotorua, NZ



chameleonIt gives me great pleasure, as Mayor of Rotorua, to comment on these games that have been developed by a Rotorua based company, Chameleon Island Ltd.

It is encouraging to finally have "home grown" games that will, to my thinking, provide essential tools for teaching sustainability in New Zealand (NZ) and entertainment to many NZ families.

The games are certainly your one stop shop, for a combination of sustainability, energy rating systems, carbon tax, subsidies in the energy sector, and emissions trading, in a package that is fun to learn and understand.

I would encourage you, your school, your Board of Trustees, your parents and your children to learn these new concepts through these games.

They are fun as well as educational.

Kevin Winters, Mayor of Rotorua, NZ



chameleonI am pleased to have trialled these games with our year 7-13 students at John Paul College.

These are refreshing and timely games for our intermediate and secondary students. They focus on the science of sustainability and energy issues and enhance numeracy, planning and communication. Concepts such as carbon tax, subsidies and emissions trading, which are hard for young students to understand, have been turned into such fun simple games, in the most innovative way.

The innovation extends to energy rating concepts for Australasia and the European Union, raising awareness on energy consumption, leaving a lasting impression on young minds.

I would recommend these games to all schools and families as the most informative, educational and entertaining games on sustainability. The next batch of games I believe will be on transport and I am sure students will find them as entertaining.

Patrick Walsh, Principal at John Paul College, Rotorua, NZ [National Excellence in Teaching and Leadership Awardee, NZ]



chameleonHere is what the school children from Lynmore Primary School and John Paul College, Rotorua, had to say at the Chameleon Island Launch when they played starMaximiser®:



John Paul College

Jesse Colbent (12 years of age):"This game is really fun and educational ... I would buy one definitely".

Lorrin Tiedt (11 years of age): "It's a challenging, fun thinking game".

Briony Schreuder (13 years of age): "It was a lot of fun and it's easy to learn".

Bianca Kelemete (13 years of age): "I really enjoyed it ... it was a fun game and it was a fun way of learning".

Sam Mickleson (11 years of age): "I thought the games are heaps of fun and I am enjoying myself today".

Liam Kelly (12 years of age): "It was a great game with great facts on the back".

Cameron Wood (11 years of age): "Absolutely great game ... if the (game) come out I will buy one".


Lynmore Primary School

Buster (10 years of age): "It's a fun game but it doesn't have a very sayable name".

Dipan Patel (10 years of age): "It is fun and challenging".

Robbie Wong-Toi (10 years of age): "Fun and educational ... a great game".

Caitlin Dalziel (8 years of age): "Really fun".

Nada Simmonds (9 years of age): "I really enjoy this game better than TV".

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